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Ailbe (Albeus, Ailbhe) Sept 12 6th cent. Born in Languedoc in France, he changed his name from Smaragdus on becoming a monk at Aniane with its first Abbot, St Benedict, whom he later succeeded as abbot. A monk and Abbot of Ainay in France, he later became Archbishop of Lyons. Abbot of Micy near Orleans in France. Le clocher est fort remarquable. An early martyr and bishop, probably in France, though some have suggested London in England. Born in Auvergne in France, he finally went to live as a hermit at Gréez-sur-Roc, where he reposed. Forced to leave his monastery by the wars raging in the country, he became a hermit, until he was invited by the people of Sorrento to live among them. Bishop of Novara in Piedmont in Italy from 417 to 447 and the successor of St Gaudentius, in whose footsteps he followed. At the end of her life she became a nun. Chosen to be Archbishop of Canterbury, he declined the office and recommended instead St Theodore of Tarsus, with whom he came to England. Ansanus Dec 1 c 304. He refused, was taken prisoner and martyred in Greenwich, the only Orthodox Archbishop of Canterbury to be martyred.

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His early life was worldly, but later he became a model Abbot of St Riquier in the north of France where there were some 300 monks. A hermit who came to Rome from the East and publicly protested against the gladiatorial combats in the Roman amphitheatre. Anicetus took a firm stand against the Gnostics and may have been martyred. Disheartened, he went to Rome and became a monk. Comores modifier modifier le code À partir de 1886, Grande Comore, Anjouan et Mohéli et Mayotte, les Résidents, représentant de la France dans les protectorats, se substituent aux sultans. Arcadius, Paschasius, Probus, Eutychian and Paulillus Nov 13 437. Angelelmus July 7 828. Queo, 1608, Map, 1614,.

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Andrew, John, Peter, and Antony Sept 23 c 900. St sex hard gratui plan sextele blois Avitus was also a fine writer. He shares amour cougar boulogne billancourt the title of Apostle of the English with St Gregory the Great. Archelais, Thecla and Susanna Jan 18 293. Au-dessus du portail figure cette inscription :. Agnes Jan 21 c 305. He protects against fire and snakes. The missionaries landed at Ebbsfleet near Kent in 597. Abbot of St Augustine's in Pavia in Italy. Early martyrs in Rome. Plogonnec est une paroisse primitive qui a perdu une portion de son territoire au profit de Guengat. As a result of a false accusation, he was exiled to the monastery of Péronne and then to Breuil near Arras in the north of France, where he lived as one of the monks. She lived a life of great holiness and simplicity. Albinus (Aubin, Alpin) Sept 15 c 390. Agericus (Aguy, Airy) Apr 11 c 680. A Greek by birth, he succeeded St Apollinaris as Bishop of Ravenna in Italy. However, about the year 812 he was made Bishop of Bourges in France against his will. The fourteenth Abbot of Montecassino in Italy, abbot for eleven years. A niece of St Ottilia, she became a nun and Abbess of St Stephen's in Strasbourg in France. Agapitus Aug 18 c 274. Born les vierges de rome vannes near Trier in Germany, she was the sister of St Aprus (Evre Bishop of Toul, who made her a nun. Les exploitations coloniales finissent par occuper près de la moitié de la Grande Comore, 40 d'Anjouan, 20 de Mohéli. At Pamiers in France there are traditions connected with an early martyr named Antoninus. The first Bishop of Ferns. Au dessus de la porte figuraient les armes des Kerviher. .

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Andeolus May 1 208. He is believed to have succeeded St Kentigern as abbot and bishop, leaving his own name to the see now in Clwyd. Dans des niches Renaissance, oeuvre de Jacques Perennes, se trouvent deux statues encadrant l'autel : celle de saint Denis avec l'inscription "Mire. Agatho and Triphina July 5 c 306. He then became Abbot of Fleury 988. Born in North Africa, he became Abbot of Nerida not far from Naples in Italy. Born in Cabra near Cordoba in Spain, he held a high position among the Muslims of the city. Born in Poitiers in France, the son of an officer at the court of Clotaire II, early in life he became a monk at Ansion in Poitou. Adalard July 15 c 824. His martyrdom was the result of his zeal and was aided by the connivance of Charles Martel. Aristobulus March 15 1st cent. She has been venerated from time immemorial in Serravalle near Treviso in the north of Italy. Aigulphus (Ayoul, Aieul, Aout, Hou) May 22 c 835. He reposed as a hermit near Laon. La sacristie porte les inscriptions "V.

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He set sail for Edessa where after seventeen years an Icon of the Mother of God proclaimed him 'the man of God'. Ce texte explore le thème des migrations, leurs enjeux mémoriels, culturels, sociaux et linguistiques dans des sociétés issues de la mise en relation entre divers espaces humains. At the age of sixteen he became a monk at Lérins where he stayed for sixteen years. Born in Rome he became Orthodox when he was twelve years old, but his own father denounced him to the authorities. The place where he lived is now called Saint-Aventin. Martyrs known as the 'Guardians of the Holy Scriptures'. Apollonius July 8 c 326. A monk at Einsiedeln and from 1012 Abbot of Dissentis, both of which monasteries are in Switzerland. He went to England and preached in Wessex. Gant kalon mantret a laras : - Trefentegis, tudigou ter, - C'houi en em gavo ato ber : - Gant daou pe dri eost ar bloa - C'houi a vo paour memez tra. Ada Dec 4 End of 7th cent. A monk at Oña in Spain with St Enneco. A hermit and then Abbot of San Gaudioso near Naples in Italy. Famed for his resistance to the heathen invaders of Britain, in some accounts he is called Bishop of Gloucester, now in England.

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